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What Makes You Laughable: When One Direction Danced Their Way Into an 'SNL' Sketch with Amy Adams

Nine years ago today, the boy band played members of a high school dance squad led by Adams.

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Source: NBC Universal

That's some bad hat, Harry: One Direction ham it up for 'SNL'

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When NBC's Saturday Night Live has a musical guest on the show, as they do every week, it's in no way guaranteed that that guest will find their way into a sketch at some point in the evening. When the artist has a profile at least as big as that week's host, however, then the show's writers invariably scramble to find a way to work said artist into at least one of that week's sketches.

So it was nine years ago this very evening, when Amy Adams hosted SNL and found herself teamed with the biggest boy band in the world at that moment: One Direction.

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Source: NBC Universal

The members of One Direction hoist Amy Adams aloft for an 'SNL' promo shot

At the time of their appearance, One Direction was still a five-piece, consisting of - in alphabetical order by last name, just so no one thinks we're turning this into a popularity contest - Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. Obviously, that's a heck of a lot of people to work into a single sketch. So how did SNL pull it off?

By breaking out their recurring sketch "Girlfriends Talk Show," featuring Kyra (Cecily Strong) and Morgan (Aidy Bryant).

The premise of the episode involved Morgan ostensibly having been away from the show for awhile, owing to how busy she'd been as a member of the school dance squad. In turn, Kyra blindsides Morgan by revealing that their special guest is, in fact, the captain of the dance squad, Megan (Adams), who promptly reveals that, in fact, Morgan is really only the team's fourth alternate, and that there's virtually no way that Morgan could ever function as a full member of the team, given that she completely seizes up whenever the guys on the team show up. Naturally, Morgan denies this, which is Kyra's cue to announce, "Good, because they're here!"

To reveal any more about the sketch would ruin the fun of seeing - or possibly revisiting - the guys as they take the stage in their sweat suits and do what can only be described as a valiant attempt to feign being American high school students...except one of them - we won't say which one - who is seemingly either incapable of doing an American accent or simply can't be bothered to even try. Either way, the end result is still a bit of a laugh.


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